Automated Food & Retail in High Traffic Locations

Your product, your brand in our portfolio of high traffic locations


What We Do

We place automated food and retail sales in our portfolio of high traffic locations. Accessibility to product where and when consumers want it, enabled by contact-less transactions.

Value in Automated Retail

GhostPizza is the house brand of boutique automated retail. GhostPizza curated product selections are used to pilot locations for high-uptake sales. Consumer purchase behaviour is analyzed to target the type of automated retail and optimize the product offering for the location and market fit.

GhostPizza specializes in:

  • Negotiating leases

  • Vendor selection and imports

  • Product curation and supply

  • Product and brand testing

  • Operations

If you have a product or location to inquire about automated retail vending, let's have a conversation.

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