GhostPizza Inc

Pizza Vending Machines and Delivery Kitchens

Hi, We are GhostPizza

We operate Pizza Vending Machines and Delivery Kitchens

We focus on high traffic locations like college and university campuses, transit stations, hotels, airports, hospitals and large condo developments.

‚Äč We also help existing pizza shops, restaurants and bakeries setup and operate automated vending machines to turn their locations into 24 hour operations or add pizza to their menu using our GhostPizza Trademark.

Franchise Program

Already operate a Kitchen? Add GhostPizza as one of your operating brands on UberEats, Door Dash and other delivery apps to increase your overall sales without adding any kitchen space or extra staff.

Includes use of GhostPizza Trademark and an @GhostPizza.com Email Address for your Location.

Let's talk about how GhostPizza can help you receive more delivery orders using our great brand that resonates with customers craving delivery pizza!

Call 855-999-1154 or Email Hello@GhostPizza.com to talk




260 Adelaide Street East. Unit 145
Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M5A 1N1

7190 West Sunset Boulevard. Unit 82D
Los Angeles, California. United States. 90046